SEO that goes the distance

blog_runningWhat is your SEO strategy or do you even have one?

At Finch we firmly believe in taking a more holistic approach to your Search Engine Optimisation as part of an overall Internet Marketing strategy. With the digital landscape becoming increasing cluttered the ‘quick-fix’ or ‘have a go’ approach just won’t cut it. The internet, technology and requirements are moving at such a pace that it’s simple really…

…think strategically and holistically or get left behind!

This means we should be moving away from ‘bolt-on’, isolated SEO and embracing strategy, insight and joined-up thinking to provide richer and more effective results.

Some questions to think about and we should be asking are;

• What are our goals?
• What are our values as an organisation and how can we best showcase them?
• What are our strengths, what makes us different from the rest?
• What channels are available and most relevant to our customers/clients?
• Who are our competitors and what are they doing online?
• What budget, resources and channels do we have available?

So lay a strong foundation, go the distance and make sure your SEO stands the test of time. Break away from silo or flash-in-the-pan thinking and start looking at the bigger picture!

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