Michael Vaughan’s London exhibition a success

Congratulations to Michael Vaughan on his exhibition at the prestigious Connaught Brown gallery. His paintings and drawings can be seen here between 25 Oct – 10 Nov 2018.

‘Michael Vaughan’s work, though appearing on the surface to be essentially abstract, actually deals with the transposition onto canvas of everyday experience in the real world. His principal subjects are figures, landscapes and gardens, surprisingly figurative themes for so formal a painter, whose primary concerns seem to be line, texture, and increasingly, colour.’

Finch Studio recently designed and built his website showing his
extraordinary work.  It was a joy to be a part of. The brief was to present his very individual abstract paintings and drawings in a simple and unfussy manner. You can see the site at http://michaelvaughanart.com

More information about the exhibition can be read here on the gallery website.

Many thanks to Magdalen Rees for taking this fine photo!

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